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Dr Phil February 17 2016 Full Episode

Amanda’s Secret: Lie Detector Results Revealed
February 17, 2016

Dr. Phil continues his discussion with Amanda, who says she was sexually abused by her father, Earl Nix, for more than a decade, and her mother, DeeDee, who maintains that even though Earl was convicted of criminal sexual assault, she believes her husband is innocent and that her daughter is a liar.

Hear from Amanda’s younger siblings, who side with their mother and say their father should not be in prison. And Amanda’s husband, Gabe, says DeeDee is in total denial about the sick and twisted relationship Earl forced on Amanda.

Plus, hear what Earl said to Amanda during a phone call recorded by police, which the jury heard.

Also, Amanda agrees to take a polygraph exam. Will the results convince Amanda’s family that Earl did molest and rape his daughter?

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