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Dr Phil February 18 2016 Full Episode


Young, Beautiful, Identical and Addicted

February 18, 2016

Dr. Phil takes a hard look into the life of identical twin sisters, Talia and Alissa, who say they are homeless and addicted to heroin, and that nothing seems to stop them from scoring drugs – no matter who it hurts.Watch as they share their daily lives with the Dr. Phil cameras and hear them discuss being 21-year-old “prostitutes” together, explain that they have stolen change from a blind man and once stole from residents at a nursing home, all to get money for heroin. Talia and Alissa say they’ve been in and out of rehabilitation centers and detoxes so many times that no facility in their state will admit them.

Their parents, Renee and Jackie, say they have exhausted all means of helping Talia and Alissa, and now say they have refused to allow them into their home to keep them and their three other daughters safe. How will they react when they see video of a day in the life of their twins? Will their daughters’ attitudes and behaviors further push these parents away? And, hear from Talia and Alissa’s three younger sisters, who say they’re fed up with their older sisters and want them to “get clean or get lost.” Will their emotional plea have an impact on Talia and Alissa?

Dr. Phil’s offer of help includes something so radical, it’s a Dr. Phil show first and surprises the twins, their family and the studio audience.

But will Talia and Alissa accept the help offered to try to save their lives?

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